General Terms of Purchase:

The purpose of this section is to inform the customer about their rights and obligations in the case of a transaction between themselves and the company G.O. COMPUAGORA LTD. A customer is any individual or business that purchases goods or services from the website.

All sales made through the website imply agreement to the General Terms of Purchase at the specific day that the order was placed.

If a disagreement occurs between the company and the customer about a purchase that was made through Compuagora’s online shop, and leads to a judicial procedure between the two, then the decision is made by the Nicosia District Court.

The Terms of Purchase can be amended at any time without any warning, thus the customers are advised to read and be informed about the terms before placing any order.


Personal Data:

For any transaction between Compuagora and a customer, the customer is required to provide some personal data. The data that is required is:

  •          Full name and surname
  •          Address
  •          Delivery Address
  •          Telephone Number
  •          Email Address

The payment card number and the date that it expires will be asked only if the payment is selected to be made through this option. Payment card details will not be asked from the customer for any other reason or in any other case.

Compuagora strictly respects and complies with the principles of personal data protection and privacy provided by the laws and international conventions and will not make any use of customer’s data unauthorized or without the consent or approval of the customer.

Moreover, Compuagora in no way going to publish, disclose, sell or exchange any of the personal data of its customers, except in extreme cases where the company has to provide customer’s personal details to public authorities or to the court after request and according to the statutory procedure.


Place Order and Acceptance of Terms:

At the time of purchase confirmation, the customer should be aware of the General Terms of Purchase and fully accept them without any refusal, as well as the price, the quantity and the specifications as they indicated on the website and is completely responsible for the selection of specific products to be placed in the order. The customer is exclusively responsible for the compatibility and harmonization of the purchased products in relation with the usability.

According to what is stated in the previous paragraph it is clear that the company accepts no responsibility for any oral information provided about a product, within or outside the company.

Compuagora Ltd bears absolutely no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, either caused by accident or not, as well as no responsibility in case of costs or expenses that may occur to the customer by the incompatibility of the product/s.  

In the case that the ordered products are not in stock any more or there is a delay from our suppliers, then the client will be informed about it and has the right to either cancel the order completely without any cost and receive full refund, or amend the order, again without any extra cost.


Cancel or amend your order:

An order can be completely cancelled or amended by the customer until it is marked as “Processing in progress”. After the order is marked as “Shipped” then no cancellations or changes can be accepted. However, the customer can return the order as “Unwanted”, more information about this can be found in the Delivery section under Returns Policy.


Technical Specifications of Products:

All technical specifications and product descriptions of the products listed on the website are taken from the product’s manufacturers, therefore the company does not take any responsibility for any incorrect information. However, the company does its utmost to ensure that all product specifications and descriptions are correct and precise.

We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate. Even if there is any difference in appearance between the product and the image, this difference will not affect any technical characteristics or functionalities of the product.

The customer may request any clarifications and additional information by contacting the company.

All products marketed by Compuagora are brand new products unless otherwise stated.


Payment Policy:

The prices of products available through the online shop are displayed in Euros including the VAT (Value Added Tax), which is always the equal to the amount of VAT that is specified by the Republic of Cyprus.

The shipping cost is not included in the product’s price as the calculation of the postage cost is made according to the order and the type of postage selected by the user.

The prices of our products are subject to change at any time without notice due to the reason that the cost and availability of technology products change rapidly.

In the case that products that have been ordered by the customer are not currently in stock and their price changes when they become available, then the customer will be informed about this and will have the opportunity to cancel or amend the order without any extra cost.


Payment Methods:

The customer can pay with one of the following ways:

  •          Payment through PayPal
  •          Cash on delivery
  •          Payment Card (cardholder’s name, the card number, expiry date and the security code of the card are necessary for the payment). For security reasons this information is destroyed as soon as the transaction is completed. This data must be given again by the customer if a new order is going to be placed.

In order to prevent the usage of stolen or falsified credit cards and protect our customers, the company has every right to ask for additional information and necessary documents (e.g. identity, proof of address) for the completion of the order.

The transactions are made in Euro currency and the order is considered as valid only after the payment has been approved. Otherwise the order is not accepted and cancelled.

Compuagora has the right to decline any order placed from a customer with whom there was a payment problem in the past.