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Bateria Green Cell BS-09 BS-16 do telefonu myPhone Easy Flip Halo
  • Bateria Green Cell BS-09 BS-16 do telefonu myPhone Easy Flip Halo
  • Bateria Green Cell BS-09 BS-16 do telefonu myPhone Easy Flip Halo
  • Bateria Green Cell BS-09 BS-16 do telefonu myPhone Easy Flip Halo
  • Bateria Green Cell BS-09 BS-16 do telefonu myPhone Easy Flip Halo
  • Bateria Green Cell BS-09 BS-16 do telefonu myPhone Easy Flip Halo

Green Cell BS-09 BS-16 Phone Battery for myPhone Easy Flip Halo

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Warranty 12 months
Cells manufacturer Green Cell
Voltage 3.7V
Type Li-lon
Overheat protection Yes
Overdischarge protection Yes
The possibility of return Up to 30 days
Product code BP87
Manufacturer Green Cell
Size 53.00 x 33.90 x 5.60mm
Weight 60g
Capacity 1050 mAh
Green Cell
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Replaces following parts
MP-S-A1, NX11BT3002654, BS-16, PX-1718-675, MM440BB, MP-S-A, MP-U-1, BS-09, PX-331-675, K053465, PX-3315-675, MM460BB
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