Green Cell Power Charger 33W GaN GC PowerGan for laptop, MacBook, Iphone, Tablet, Nintendo Switch – USB-C Power Delivery
  • Green Cell Power Charger 33W GaN GC PowerGan for laptop, MacBook, Iphone, Tablet, Nintendo Switch – USB-C Power Delivery
  • Green Cell Power Charger 33W GaN GC PowerGan for laptop, MacBook, Iphone, Tablet, Nintendo Switch – USB-C Power Delivery
  • Green Cell Power Charger 33W GaN GC PowerGan for laptop, MacBook, Iphone, Tablet, Nintendo Switch – USB-C Power Delivery

Green Cell Power Charger 33W GaN GC PowerGan for laptop, MacBook, Iphone, Tablet, Nintendo Switch – USB-C Power Delivery

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Warranty: 24 months; Power: 33W; Output: USB-C Power Delivery 5V-3A; 9V-3A; 12V-2.5A; 15V-2A; 20V-1,5A; Input: AC 100-240, 50/60Hz, 1.2A; Colour: White; Overheat protection: Yes; Product code: CHARGC06; Manufacturer: Green Cell; Surge protection: Yes; Size: 69,2 x 36,6 x 31,5 mm; Weight: 52,2g; Ports: 1x USB-C; Certifications: LVD, EMC, ErP, RoHS, REACH;
Green Cell
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